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Just like Drew is meant to be alive, so are you.

Inspiring. Moving. Touching. Motivating.

These are some of the words that came to mind reading the story of Drew Robinson, who survived a self inflicted gunshot wound, that he hoped at the time would end his life.

Quick background about Drew, he was the youngest child and usually the butt of the joke. He has a brother and a sister along with his parents and a current girlfriend. His brother became a Major League Baseball player and thats the standard Drew set for himself, and he achieved his goal. His family never expressed emotion, and for this he always thought the words “I love you” were just another 3 words. Nonetheless, he had the money, his family, and his dream come true.

In sports, its rare to hear about a player’s vulnerability. They’re supposed to be labeled as this, “strong and gritty” person. But that is what you see on the outside. On the inside, anyone could be fighting themselves, the thoughts creeping in more and more each day, crippling the mind to believe you are not worth it - and this doesn’t just start with athletes, it is with the common person too.

Drew is recovering, but the depression and anxiety doesn’t just get up and “walk away”. It will always be with him, and thats okay, but he is learning to manage it, and be open about it; to talk to anyone that will listen to him and his stories. People nowadays might believe they are a burden to others for complaining about something negatively impacting their life, but sometimes, just telling someone how their day went - whether it be a therapist, a brother, a parent, a friend, a pet or whatever else you can even imagine - might make it all worth it. Being open about your emotions, and becoming vulnerable doesn’t label you “soft” or “a baby” it actually makes you an even bigger person, to show who you truly are and not trying to hide anything.

This ties into a quote shared by Drew. He states,

”People that love you want to hear it, and if you don’t have people that love you, therapists want to hear it. So many people in this world are willing to help anyone going through these things. You’re never alone.”

Jeez, when I tell you this quote hits deep, its like hitting a home-run 495 feet to center field. For my personal life, I have been telling friends and family members that seeing a therapist is worth it. No it won’t just eliminate your depression entirely. No it won’t rid you of your anxiety. But, it might just help you realize that you are not alone, and that someone will be there by your side.

Reading the story of Drew, a stat stuck out to me, a stat that shouldn’t be looked as just a number. The stat noted that the CDC reported 11% of Americans surveyed in June considered suicide. If you thought that was staggering, 26% of 18-24 year olds considered this horrific act. That is more than 1 in 4 people, a monumental number in my eyes, a number that shouldn’t just want to be reduced, but needs to be reduced.

YOU are loved by so many people, and YOU are worth it to more than YOU can even imagine. Even on the days YOU might not feel the love and excitement from a “good day” YOU had in the past, but sometimes, that “bad day” makes YOU learn, and builds YOU stronger than before, and the Lincoln Logs (am I too old for this reference?) will continue to pile and make YOU feel loved.

If you would like to read the full story about Drew Robinson you can find it here and just lIke Drew is meant to be alive, so are you.

- Nick Caraco, Mental Makeover Ambassador

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