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Like The Sun

People tell me I’m like the sun

I have a contagious positive energy

I am unique, one of a kind

I’m beautiful, warm

And I make them feel good from afar

But those who truly know the sun know

If you get too close

And spend too much time

In the heart of her

It will burn

It will hurt

And it will leave you questioning

How something that feels

So good in the moment

Can leave you feeling

The worst pain you’ve ever felt

And on some days

The sun leaves you cold

And questioning

For days upon days

Why she won’t come back

And she replaces herself

With winds, chills and rains

That make you feel like

You never really knew her at all

You have every reason

To never want to see her again

Yet she still finds a way to return

Shining brighter as ever

Wrapping you up in her warm embrace

And leave you longing for more

So, yes, call me the sun

A radiating paradox

That is not the soul-warming ball of love

That everyone glorifies me to be

Everyday, I long to be more like the moon

Shining in the midst of darkness

Soft, adaptable, and quaint

But instead, I remain

A constant source of light to rely on

Fiery, stagnant, and dangerous at best

Leave me be

For I’ll be here

Waiting for the next person to realize

That too much of me

Is never good for them

- Anonymous author

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